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 Gifts Ideas List 2021: For Gamblers, Gamers & Slot Lovers


John Hillary

John Hillary is the youngest member of the 500freeslots team. He loves writing on the topic of online slots and casinos, comparing them and doing detailed analysis.

Casino themed Gift Ideas 2021: For Gamblers & Slot Players

All a gambler wants for Christmas is… a casino gift basket of gambling themed gifts that the player can enjoy all year long. If you are looking for gambling gift ideas, we are here to help wake your imagination up. Besides gambling gift cards, there are various casino-related items you can purchase online to surprise your partner. Presents for gamblers include Vegas-themed gifts (mugs, pillows, shirts), slot machine gifts (actual game machines for the man-cave room), but also plane tickets to the epicentre of the gambling universe. If travelling is a bit too much for you, you can always throw a casino themed party at your home: suit up, and spin the roulette or play a fun game of poker next to the Christmas tree.


Filling in the Christmas socks above the fireplace? Casino themed candy is a great choice. Casino candy is fruit candy that was being won with slot machines in the past and would make very thoughtful gifts for casino lovers. If you are interested in gambling items that are rather a poker related gifts, the choices are many. From fancy card decks to a blackjack lucky bracelet, or a naked poker party - you are only limited with your imagination.

A piece of Vegas at home: slot machine

If your partner enjoys spinning the reels, the ultimate Christmas gift ideas for you would be genuine replicas of traditional slot machines. Perfect gifts for your buddy who is all about the paylines would be also something sweet and thoughtful - a slot machine candy dispenser - the original vintage gadget you can both use to gamble for some delicious fruity threats. A bit less conventional, but great present idea for this Christmas Eve could also include making a deposit at the online casino such as 500freeslots.com for a long gambling night of spinning and betting. Slot machine gift ideas never grow old, and they could go in the direction of slot-themed mugs, shirts, posters and ornaments, or whatever creative gizmo comes to your mind.


Merchandise from Gambling influencers 

Influencers are the new super-stars on the internet, and just as in every other industry, online gamers have their own stage. Do you know which gamblers does your loved one like to follow on Twitch? Many streamers nowadays create their own casino-themed products, which make nice carring gifts to wrap under a Christmas tree.

Trip to gambling mecca or a casino cruise 

Taking your special someone on a trip is a good choice for both of you. Nothing better than enjoying your holiday at one of the top casino tourism destinations in The UK or on the Caribbean, in the Bahamas or the Dominican Republic. The road trip is among the gambler’s gifts that you cannot go wrong with. What better Las Vegas themed gifts than going to the city of lights itself? Best casinos are in the middle of the Nevada desert, and you know it!

Bonus Package for online slots lover

Are you being a secret Santa to your colleague that loves the gambler fun? For those hooked on playing online slots, bonus slots would be the perfect gift. Make a deposit for a popular game such as Starburst Slot, and win many bonus rounds to surprise your favourite coworker.

Host casino-themed party 

You wish to take your partner on a trip but you are under budget or under lockdown? Nothing to worry about, you can bring the casino to your doorstep. Instal casino themed gifts in a real-life casino that you make inside your home. You can have poker themed gifts for playing drinking poker games, casino themed gift baskets with personalized casino gifts that are always a great choice and a heartwarming gift.